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Think about the places that matter and mean the most to you -- places that you would go to any
length to protect, restore and preserve. Chances are those places are ones with which you have enjoyed a profound personal experience. It might be a creek you fished as a child, a park where you saw your first bald eagle in the wild, or the birthplace of an influential historic leader. Whether you recognized it at the time or not, that experience was a key moment in your decision to become an advocate for environmental protecting our nature, our heritage, and our traditions.

Delmarva Low-Impact Tourism Experiences (DLITE) seeks to bring that experience to thousands of people like you each year. While paddling our creeks, cycling our scenic byways, birding at our refuges or exploring our heritage sites, many of you will have that seminal experience that motivates you to take action to protect our natural, historic, and cultural resources.

We hope you will explore this website and ultimately explore the Delmarva Peninsula to discover all the beauty and history of the landscape, and the people and wildlife and who call it their home.








From hiking and biking to canoeing and kayaking, Delmarva is full of adventures and experiences.

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Delmarva is rich in national, state and local parks, biking, hiking, canoeing and kayaking trails, protected coastal areas and historic sites.

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The Great Delmarva Bicycling Trail incorporates over 2,500 miles of roads through historic Delmarva past farmlands, cypress swamps, marshes and creeks to fishing villages, wildlife preserves and ocean shores. Get the guide »

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